Tears and Tanturms before Nursery in 5 Easy Steps

Were there tears and tantrums in your house this morning?

We’ve all been there… The mornings when you can do nothing right and everyone is grumpy.  Here is my light hearted take on getting out the door when what you’d really like is to head back to bed with a set of ear plugs.

Step One

We’d better start at the very beginning.  Last nights bedtime routine didn’t quite go to plan.  We all know the little monsters need their 12 hours shut eye.  Problem being you need to be out the door sharpish.  There’s no time for tears or tantrums. Everyone needs to be up.

Brace yourself this little beast might roar!  Giving a gentle cheek stroke gets met with a slumbering sigh and he just rolls over…  Time for the tummy tickle – this time there’s a little more force from the toasty body wriggling away and maybe a bit of a groan.  Times ticking… Force is needed.   A purposeful shake balanced with an over enthusiastic “time to get up sleepy head” does the job and tick…  Congratulations! You have completed step one.  He’s now sat up in bed whining that he’s tired.  He doesn’t want to get up.  Basically he’s gonna make as much noise about how ‘unhappy’ he is as he possibly can.

Step two

Finally everyone is downstairs and breakfast commences.  Nice and easy – toast, cereal and fruit.  You would think this plan is bullet proof.  Here’s where it goes wrong…  You can guarantee starting the day with a grumpy toddler will mean if you cut their toast in squares they will want triangles.  Give him the green bowl he will want the blue one and most importantly if there are strawberries on his cereal he will have wanted blueberries or more than likely both.  Maybe you’ll get lucky all bowls and plates will stay on the table.  If you’re even luckier you might get to grab a cup of tea.

Step three

Maybe this is your step two but in our house washing before breakfast is a bad idea.  You can be assured if you have just washed your hair one of the little guys is gonna want to touch it with Weetabix covered hands.

So anyway you all dash to bathroom.  You’re gonna have a super quick shower.  This is when you pi$$ him off for the third time in the space of thirty minutes (you’re on a roll!).  You don’t want to share.  Heaven forbid you might like to wash without a little person splashing at your feet!  If he gets wet when you’re in a rush might result in Gizmo turning into a Gremlin when it comes to getting dried and that’s gonna take another 10 minutes you haven’t got.  So suck it up pretend to listen to the complaints and close your eyes as a mini hurricane (or hurricanes) hit your bathroom cabinets.

Step Four

You’re dressed and just about presentable for the school gates.  Best dress the kids, pyjamas at nursery would be slightly frowned upon.  There will be squeals and shrieks when the face cloth comes out (or maybe the baby wipe on a bad day)  but that’s nothing that isn’t over in a flash.  The major peeve is when you say “Do you want to go to the potty before you get dressed?”  Cue extreme dissatisfaction…  Now I’m not sure if this outrage is because you may actually expect your nearly three year old to use the potty (or toilet) instead of pull ups or the fact that whether he uses it or not he’s gonna have to put some clothes on.  Why are little boys obsessed with being naked?!

Step Five

Give yourself a high five.  You’re all out the door and nearly on your way.

Just one last task.  Get them into the car and belted up.  Now this doesn’t seem like a massive deal unless your little one is obsessed with driving and thinks he is more than capable of driving you all to your destination.  The angry Lion you woke in Step One has nothing on this guy!  There will be lots of “But Why Mummy?” wails.  Be brave, take a deep breath and prepare to wrestle him out of the drivers seat and into his own whilst also trying to balance back packs, nappy bags and possibly another ‘Colin McRae’ wanna be.

Everyone seated and belted?  You’re off!  Nursery here we come…  Be safe in the knowledge you’re not gonna have to listen to anymore complaints, wipe any tears or deal with tantrums until pick up…  My advise…  Keep your fingers crossed he likes what you’re making for lunch!




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